Why The Philippines Became Markable Solutions’ Call Center Capital?

Why The Philippines Became Markable Solutions’ Call Center Capital?

Call centers is one of the fastest growing industry in the Philippines. The country is a top business process outsourcing destination for the estimated $150-billion BPO industry. More than a million Filipinos are employed by contact centers – solving unemployment problems in the country.

Markable Solutions opened its new offices in the Philippines in 2018, to deliver customer services and marketing services to its global clients. Markable’s state-of-the-art facilities offer an array of Call Center services including whitepaper lead generation, lead pre-qualification, appointment setting, and other inbound Call Center services. When Markable’s CEO, Reshma Nigam first decided to move the B2B call centers, she was looking for a thriving economy that would welcome foreign investors, where English would be spoken commonly and the staff would be highly productive, educated and ambitious.

Here are some of the reasons why the Philippines became Markable Solution’s top choice in setting up Call Centers:Government Support to Call Center Industry

The Philippines has an outstanding business climate for service companies. The government had tagged Call Centers as the Sunshine industry because of its massive expansion over the last decade. There are several perks and incentives outlined by the Government to attractive foreign investments.

In 1995, the Philippine congress passed the Special Economic Zone Act, lowering the area requirement for development and offering tax incentives to attract foreign investors. The global recession in 2008 resulted in the loss of jobs for many Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs). This encouraged the Philippine government to assist OFWs transition to call center agents. The government program, funded by the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA), is part of the government’s vocational scholarship program of OWWA and reintegration for OFWs returning to the country.

A foreign company/investor can easily set up a company with 100% foreign equity in the Philippines. Registration typically starts with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Infact with SEC’s immense support, Markable Solutions has become the first ordinary corporation with less than five incorporators under Republic Act No. 11232 ( Revised Corporation Code) of the Philippines.

Accent and Literacy

The Philippines is the 3rd largest English-speaking population in the world. The country has an excellent literacy rate at 96.9%. Call center agents have neutral English accent, also, with a long history of relationship with the United States, including several decades of American colonial rule, Filipinos are more accustomed to Western culture. The quality of education in the country has also played a huge factor.

Cost Effective and Productive Resources

One of the major reasons that led Markable Solutions to choose the Philippines to set-up contact centers is the cost-effective and efficient labor that the country is able to provide. Competitive salaries and employment packages offered by the BPO industry charm many of the country’s young and skilled resources. Health insurances, monthly incentives and yearly bonuses have been motivating employees to stay productive. When sufficiently trained, Filipinos tend to adapt very quickly to work demands. They are hardworking and efficient.

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Reshma Nigam CEO & President, Markable Solutions

A frequent speaker at Marketing events, Reshma Nigam is a known expert on digital marketing. She is on the Global Leadership Council at Lucas College and Graduate School of Business, San Jose State University and enjoys hiking, reading and the movies. Know more about Reshma Nigam

Philippines has one of the most fastest growing Call centers industry. Markable Solutions opened its new offices in the Philippines in 2018, to deliver customer services and marketing services to its global clients. Markable Solutions offers an array of Call Center services including whitepaper lead generation, lead pre-qualification, appointment setting, and other inbound Call Center services.

We specialize in providing managed services – customer support, engagement and business process solutions across the entire customer life cycle to achieve long term success. Our domain knowledge, technology expertise and skilled resources deliver exceptional digital solutions. Know more about our Customer Support Services Philippines.

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