How to Use a Recent Sales Popup to Boost Your Revenue

How to Use a Recent Sales Popup to Boost Your Revenue

Have you noticed that some of your customers become hesitant to click the “Add to Cart” or “Avail Now” button when shopping online? That’s because many of them are unsure still when checking your product or services. What they need is a little push, a gentle boost to restore their confidence and finish the purchase stage. This is what a recent sales popup is all about. This digital marketing strategy helps customers make their decisions faster and be happy with it by showing them who made similar purchases recently.

What Is a Recent Sales Popup?

A recent sales popup tells your online visitors that your product or service is popular. It is a small notification that appears somewhere on your website whenever another customer purchases a product or service. There are so many ways to do that, but the core message is that customers need to purchase the product or service fast before it’s gone. This digital marketing technique is actually based on FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). FOMO refers to messaging that appeals to consumers’ desire to latch on to every opportunity before it slips through their fingers.

By showing casual visitors that other customers are actively purchasing what you’re selling, you will increase their need for your product or service. You will also build trust with new visitors. You can use recent sales popups to:

  • Increase the number of visitors
  • Get more sales and revenue
  • Collect more feedback, reviews, and testimonials
  • Build brand awareness

How to Use a Recent Sales Popup to Boost Your Revenue

If you want to incorporate a recent sales popup into your digital marketing strategy, here are the four simple tips to follow:

  1. Place them in context

A recent sales popup should always relate to the webpage on which it appears. If visitors are browsing a webpage dedicated to digital marketing services and a pop-up about t-shirt printing appears, they’re almost certainly going to be confused and frustrated about it. They might go beyond closing the pop-up and closing the webpage.

Instead, ensure that any recent sales popup is directly relevant. For instance, if visitors are checking your digital marketing services, make sure that a popup about digital marketing appears on that webpage.

  1. Make them worthwhile

A prospect has to have a good reason to engage with your recent sales popup. That means it needs to offer something of value. If your recent sales popup only offers information, it’s likely to be ignored. Try to make it worthwhile. For example, adding a discount code is a good example of this, but not the only one. You can also incorporate digital marketing packages with discounts, free trials, and consultations.

  1. Keep them quick

Even when they’re worthwhile and engaging, recent sales popups are still taking the visitors’ attention off of what they were originally checking. Make them quick and easy to understand at a glance. In that way, it will capture their attention or acknowledge it without getting distracted from their original goal.

  1. Show them once

Recent sales popups should be highly targeted, and they definitely shouldn’t be showing up multiple times. If the same recent sales popup appears every time a visitor clicks through to a new webpage, they’re quickly going to lose interest. Instead, use recent sales popups at the most important points. That often means on your homepage and certain product or service pages.

  1. Make them easy to remove

Many visitors complain about popups that are difficult to remove. Make sure that your recent sales popups are easy to exit and close. Although this may seem counterintuitive to your goal of wanting people to engage, it ensures you don’t lose customers who aren’t interested. A recent sales popup should only ever increase sales, not risk people leaving the site entirely.

If these ideas have grabbed your attention, it’s time to try one of them on your website. Rather than overwhelming your visitors with lots of popups and overlays, it’s worth trying out one or two recent sales popups at a time.

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